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Litter 12


Litter 2015 in RODENBOSCH kennel, Belgium - Remersdaal

Breeder: Roswitha Kulowany

Date of mating:  27 & 28 May 2015

Date of birth:  27 July 2015



with:   TisisiT I´Zahra "Zahra"


(SAF x SWE x AT line)


 Sire: CH Tolasana´s Sitanka

Dam: Maxwood Tara





photo: @Rodenbosch kennel


More infos about Zahra:

born 28.2.2009, 65 cm, 36 kg, red wheaten colour, dark eyes, full dentition, scissor bite, HD B1, ED free, excellent health, elegant female, friendly character, happy temperament


Progeny: born 6 beautiful puppies, 3 standard males & 3 pet females (3 crowns), all with long ridges, no DS, no kinked tail, no white or minimum white, weight 400 - 550 g