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Litter 1 


Litter - A "All Inclusive" in MKANGAWI kennel, Slovakia - Bratislava

Breeder: Veronika Marcová

Date of mating: 18 September 2011

Date of birth: 16 November 2011


with: BISS, CH-SK Tusani Famous Sheena

(AUST x USA line)



Sire: MultiCH, ICH Ikimba Waitimu x Dam: MultiCH, ICH, GrandCH Tusani Ani White Lady



Progeny:  born 11 beautiful puppies, 6 males and 5 females, 9x standard, 2x pet females (multicrowns), no DS, no kinked tail, no block, all with nice long ridges, 5x no white, 6x minimum white, 9x red wheaten colour, 2x wheaten colour, all males with descended testicles, weight 460g - 564g, very nice and happy temperament  






More infos about Sheena:

born 3.3.2008, full dentition, scissor bite, 67 cm, red wheaten, HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD 0/0, LTV neg., tail vertebra standard, thyroid in normal, Candidate for SKCHR Club Champion, oval racing licence holder, nice temperament with great potencial for work and sports, from puppy age fed Biologicall Appropriate Raw Food (BARF)


I know about Sheena not only from her puppy age, but some months before her born. I was close to Veronika - my friend - during the time when she decided to have her second ridgeback and spent a lot of time on net to search the right one. I knew Sheena´s father Wantu in real and I must say I liked him very much and he was my favorite RR for some years. Also I knew Sheena´s lovely mother Vivi. Sheena is very nice copy of her very successful parents. She is successfull in a show ring too, has strong character with high potential for work and sports, such as coursing and oval racing. Sheena is going to be mother for the first time and I´m sure she will be excellent mother and in combination with Taariq they could give very quality and healthy offspring, with excellent pedigree and breed type, harmonic in bodies, with nice temperament and characters.


  Sheena & Taariq