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Litter 5


Litter-B in SOUTH MORAVIA kennel, Czech republic - Ostrožská N. Ves 

Breeder: Gabriela Cagalová

Date of mating:  21 & 23 & 25 March 2012

Date of birth: 24 May 2012



(SAF x CZ line)










Sire: Glenaholm Makatso (SAF)  x   Dam: CH CZ Eržika Bílé Karpaty


Progeny:  born 6 beautiful puppies (2 males & 4 females), 1 standard male & 1 standard female, 1 pet male (ridgeless) & 3 pet females (1x ridgeless, 2x offset over standard), no DS, no kinkked tail, no block, 6x red wheaten colour, 2x no white 4x minimum white, both males with descended testicles, weight 370-560g, very nice and happy temperament








More infos about Aranka:

born 29.11.2008, 62,5 cm,  34 kg, red wheaten colour, full dentition, scissor bite, HD A/A, ED 0/0, OCD neg., thyroid in normal, excellent health, excellent strong temperament and hunting skills, at shows excellent, excellent in coursing and oval racing, oval racing young winner

Aranka is very special girl of my dear friend Gábina. I saw her when she was just 6 weeks old and I truly fell in love with her and her sweet strong character and great temperament. From this age I knew she will have great potential for works and also sports as her mother Eržika and grandmother Conny.

She grew up to the beautifull young lady and she looks like the real Glenaholm. Her sire is very successful stud dog Glenaholm Makatso and dam amazing Eržika Bíle Karpaty. We can see another Glenaholm line from Eržikas side, that is Glenaholm Bravura - Arankas great grandsire. Aranka has beautiful, strong, well developed muscular body with very nice head expression.

Aranka is going to be mother for the first time and because I know her and her sister Ashanti, her mother Eržika and great grandmother Conny very well I´m looking forward very much to this combination with Taariq. I expect they could give very quality, healthy and balanced offspring, with excellent pedigree and breed (I hope Glenaholm) type, harmonic and strong in bodies, with strong temperament and character.


In case of interest in a puppy from this mating, please, contact me or breeder Gabriela Cagalová